Self-Potrait: Start With Black

I still remembered the first time I saw the two self-portrait drawings from last year students before we started our project. I was very impressed by how amazing they were. The two drawings made me became very excited about this project. We first needed to apply charcoal on our paper. I had never experienced only drawing with an easer before. It was very hard for me to have control with drawing at first because I had to do the opposite thing that I used to do. So I had only developed a little of my norse.

I used outside class time to finish developing the lower part of my norse. In the next class, I was focused on my mouth. It was very hard to draw because there were a lots of little details. I measured before I drew. However Dr. Ruby pointed out that  the size of my mouth was too big compared to the size of my norse. I had to applied charcoal on the mouth that I drew to ease it. It took me very long time to make that decision because I spent so much time on the mouth.

The mouth looked so much better after I corrected its size. It was very important to use the string to have the correct measurement first! I started drawing my cheeks. It took me very long time to develop the undefined parts like cheeks. There was no shape, no line; but only value.

I realized that my eyes were in different shape and different size when I started to draw them. “It was very important not to symbolized”, I had it in my mind when I drew the eyes. I really observed the shape of my eyes, the value in my eyeballs and so on.

I finished my left eye outside of the class period and started to draw my eyebrows and my forehead. I did not use any line for my eyebrows. I just used lightness and darkness.

I took Dr. Ruby’s advise to develop my neck because the two black triangles would take people’s eyes when they see them. And this is my finished drawing!


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Friend Review-Fred

When I first saw Fred, I was attracted to him immediately for some reason. It was very mysterious to me because I could not tell what animal he was. He was very strange-looking at first with a bike light as his eyes. He was a creature that had different animals’ character: a trunk, a shell, a long tail and four short strong legs. The most interesting part of Fred was his pink body. The copper made him look very strong and powerful. The pink body was a little bit girlish and soft, which was contrast with his strong figure. If I did not look at the name Fred, I would think that she was a female who looked  very manly and powerful to protect herself, but she was actually soft and gentle inside. I had stared at Fred for a long time after class discussion, I just couldn’t stop looking at him. He was so interesting and mysterious that really made me want to know him.


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Other’s Matra Project

One of my favorite Matra projects in our class was Rachel’s. She called her book, People in Motion. I loved her theme. People in the Matra station were usually very busy, and her book showed the movement of the people .Her pictures were amazing. She presented them in black and white which let me took these pictures very seriously. The black and white also made me focus on the people and their motion. She captured the moment that people were moving so well. The blur showed the reality of the movement. She layed out the pictures in different directions. Some pages only had one picture and some had two. The way she placed her pictures added motion and variety to the book. Reading her book was like watching an old film. I saw different people were busy on their own, and trying to get to their stops.

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I am Ready

I was struggling about the types of wire that I wanted to use for my house. The wire that I chose was thick and hard to bend because I wanted my house to have a strong and defined figure.  The way how the wire bend of its legs, and the negative space between its legs showed the motion of the house. The use of wire gave its lineal figure, however, I wanted to fill the space of its body. I liked how the copper turned out. The body was very solid and massy , which showed its power and strength. He was storing all the energy and ready to run. The house was more unified and flowed when I added another piece of copper in its neck. I planed color the wire and the copper at first, but I liked its original color after it turned out. The material, thick wire and copper, presented a very strong and powerful figure. The spiral of its tail and how it started  to go to different directions also added the house’s strength. The rock looked very funny and pleasant in this whole picture with the powerful house. I added them because they could keep the house in balance so that the house could stand. It was really funny when Rachel asked me if they were


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Little Animal

Our new assignment was to create a little 3-D animal. This was a very challenging project for me because I usually worked with 2-D projects. First thing that we needed to do was to sketch the animals that we wanted to create. I searched online and sketched some animals that I liked.

My favorite two was the standing house and the panda. I would like to use wire to make the house. My thoughts for the panda was to use clay make its body and paint it very colorful, which would contrast with its real color: black and white.

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Define A Word?

In the lecture that Dr. Ruby gave us on Tuesday, I learned that different lines (in thickness, position to the frame, its movement) can tell people different meanings. This implies not only lines but also other geometric or organic shapes. For this assignment, she would give each of us a word and we needed to use the following principles that we learned to define that word: the scale (to the frame, to the object, and between the frame), the style (either geometric or organic), the composition (position of frame and elements, and number of elements) and value. My word was restless: a hard one for me to define even using words. I thought restless meant busy, but it actually meant not to rest, keeping doing things for no purpose. I was very frustrate because I did not like any of my designs that I drew. Then I tried to combine my designs together, and I came up with one that I really liked and could defined restless well.

Here are my word define project and the draft:

The thick bend lines mean that it is doing things. They are placed in random directions mean that it had no purpose. The sharp curve inside the lines show energy of not tired of keep doing things.

I like this project, which is very “visual thinking”. Using simple geometric shapes to define a word is very hard. In order to achieve that, the scale and the composition played really important rules. This project trained my thinking of choosing the best composition, scale, style and value.

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Matra Trip-Blue Loves Orange

My friend and I were going to take matra to Chamblee station where China Town is located. It was the perfect time for me to do my Matra project! I frist decided my theme to be the shapes of the rectangles. Mikaela suggusted me to be creative about how to sopt the rectangles. While I was in the Matra station, I found myself more interseted in colors than in shapes, so I changed my theme to blue and orange. The reason I chose these two color is because that they are complimentary color, and they are my high school color. I did not plan anything for my theme becuase I just changed it. So, I just took random pictures which had blue or orange at first. While I was sitting in the train, I looked out of the window, and saw an orange and blue train. I had my cemara ready and took the picture. I came out with an ideal that I could have different titles under my theme, for example, I could have “looking out of the window”, “waiting for the train” and so on. Afte I came back, I organized the pictures that I took, and put them into different categories. I was very frustrated about making a book of my trip even though I knew who to place my . I first decided to make a powerpoint, but since Dr. Rubby wanted a hard copy, I changed my mind to a scrap book. I also had issure about printing my pictures. The reason I wanted to make a powerpiont was because I did not want to lose the quality of my pictures by printing them out. I asked many of my friends and finally, I found somebody had a color printer. I did not want to use the school printers because they are not good for printing color.  After working until 4:00am yesterday, I finally have my book done. I was so regret that I did not start making the book earlier. However, I was still glad that I did not rush to finish making the book.

Here are the pictures of my trips:


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